With a Quooker in your home, everything goes faster.

You never need to wait for water to boil. You just fill your saucepan with boiling water, add your vegetables and simply place the saucepan on the cooker. Making a cup of tea takes only seconds. And what about all those bottles of mineral water that you have to lug around? That becomes a thing of the past when you connect a Quooker CUBE to your Quooker. Because besides cold, hot and boiling water, you can then also dispense cool sparkling and filtered water from your tap. Easy, fast and better for the environment.

It started in 1970 with a simple yet revolutionary idea by Henri Peteri, the inventor of the boiling water tap. And his invention is now an indispensable feature of the modern kitchen. Around the world, Quooker users enjoy the convenience of boiling water straight from the tap. And also – since the introduction of the Quooker CUBE – cool sparkling and filtered water from the same tap. A Quooker tap is easy and safe to use and saves you time, water, space on your worktop and energy. Because thanks to the revolutionary technology in the tank, the system is also very economical. In this brochure, you can read about how everything works. We’d also like to tell you about all the things you can do with your Quooker. For example, did you know how handy it is for doing the dishes?

Why choose Quooker?

Because a real Quooker:

  • dispenses everything from the same tap: hot, cold, and boiling and, in combination with the CUBE, cool sparkling and filtered water
  • dispenses real boiling water (so 100°C)
  • dispenses filtered water
  • uses less energy (energy label A for COMBI)
  • is safer to use
  • has a much more compact tank
  • has a longer life because the tank can be opened and rinsed out from time to time
  • can also be connected to the hot pipes