Kinetico Premier Compact  Water Softener
  • Kinetico Premier Compact  Water Softener
  • Kinetico Premier Compact  Water Softener
  • Kinetico Premier Compact  Water Softener

Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener

VAT included

Kinetico Premier Compact XP Twin Tank Non-Electric Water Softener.

The NEW! Kinetico Premier Compact with XP, makes it the best-in-class non-electric, twin-tank non-electric block salt water softener on the market. Kinetico's new XP function means you can now calibrate the meter to the precise water hardness in your home and can easily be adjusted if you move home.

Kinetico' s most advanced, premium non-electric water softener with eMax technology for the optimum in performance and efficiency. The unique, contemporary and sleek design includes an innovative salt viewing window and easy-lift magnetic lid making it very easy-to-use and maintain. Testament to its unrivalled reliability, Premier Compact has a 10 year warranty and WRAS approval.

✓ Compact design that fits neatly in kitchen cupboard

✓ Suitable for 1 - 3 bathrooms

✓ Economical to use and low salt consumption

✓ Powered by eMax technology and Quiet Drive

Introducing Premier, Kinetico' s premium advanced non-electric water softener which uses twin-tank technology to deliver soft water 24 hours a day with the new XP dial-In water hardness valve. Designed for optimum performance and superior efficiency in a contemporary, sleek modern cabinet.

The benefits are endless:

✓ 7% more efficient than the Kinetico 2020c

✓ New 10 year parts warranty ✓ Innovative salt-viewing window so you know when the salt is low

✓ Easy to remove magnetic lid

✓ Sleek new design that still fits under your kitchen sink

✓ Reliable machine with eMax technology and Quiet Drive 

Unlike single tank systems, this innovative, non-electric two tank technology combines optimum efficiency and maximum performance. It’s designed to give you and your home the ultimate in limescale prevention 24 hours a day. And of course it retains the many great features that have made Kinetico world renowned:

✓ Hassle-free, non-electric design ✓ Exceptional flow rates

✓ Renowned twin-tank design for soft water 24/7

Dimensions: 490mm x 220mm x 470mm

Salt Usage: 340g

Min/Max Water Pressure 1-6 Bar

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